About Us

Is it possible to make a simple, clean-burning candle without sacrificing quality?

When my best friend Chelsea and I started The Rustic House,we knew exactly what we wanted in a candle. We burned through a variety of “good” candles, but never found one that we truly enjoyed.
From gaudy containers and cheap waxes to weak scent throws, traditional candles never fit the bill for us. After hearing about how some companies used sketchy, cheap ingredients in their candles, we were determined to create a simple, clean-burning candle.
From the time we were 14, Chelsea and I knew we wanted to run our own business. Creating a product from start to finish was such a rewarding thought!

Since we both enjoyed candles, starting a candle company was a no-brainer.

Most goals, dreams, and friends change with time, but our passion for candles never wavered. At 20, we began studying and experimenting how to make the best soy candle that we wanted to burn in our own home--not just sell!

After five years of testing, we finally formulated the perfectly scented soy candle.

Upon graduating with a business degree from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2013 (and convincing Chelsea to move to town), our dream finally came true--The Rustic House was established that same year.
And the rest, as they say, is history!
-Emily Warr

Behind the Brand

The Rustic House is inspired by our love for rustic yet modern farmhouse-style homes.
As southern girls from Alabama, our childhoods were filled with family reunions around rustic farmhouse tables, lake days and running through tall grass.
Life was simple and we were happy.
As we grew older, we discovered that we didn’t want comply with the status quo; traditional jobs weren’t for us.

Our "Candle Garage," 2013.

As college graduation approached, we concluded that we can achieve our dreams.

Ditching the corporate world, we pursued our passion….candle-making!


Our Motto

Our mantra is #FollowYourScentces. We believe everyone should follow their dreams and live life to the fullest, no matter what the world tells you.


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